The enterprises of LPG bottling and marketing in our country, as it has been mentioned, are exclusively obtaining in nowadays the requisite quantities of LPG from the Greek Refineries, either through a pipe line since their facilities are close to Refineries or by road-tankers, given that none of them disposes sufficient harbour facilities and storing rooms in order to be in position to carry out imports via sea.

The operation of the new unit will be consisted of the following two basic phases:

The first phase is that of product delivery from the vessel that reaching the unit`s anchorage and since it will be connected via the sea pipe lines with the storing tanks of LPG, discharges the LPG through its own compressors and pumps.

The second phase of unit`s operation is that of delivery (loading) of loose product on road-tankers that will be done in three different points for a possibly quick service.

The most important part of the new investment by costing point of view regards the tanks of LPG storage approaching the 40% of investment total cost. Specifically it is provided the construction of 20 tanks of 250m3 capacity each one and total capacity 5.000 mand approximate cost 1,75 mil EURO, the requisite equipment and their transfer and unloading included.

The cost of a pipe line construction of three kilometres length and an anchorage for ships unloading is estimated to 1.099,5 thousand EURO, and the cost of building and earth works that will be requested, is estimated to 879 thousand EURO. Considerable is also the cost of fire-protection coming to 264 thousand EURO approximately that comprises the constructive cost of a fire-protection system and pumping facilities of a fire-extinguishing unit. The cost of a 42 acres land purchase, the notarial and other expenses inclusive, is estimated to 153 thousand EURO. The cost of offices equipment is included to other expenses.





40.000 40.000 40.000
Fyrom 5.000 5.000 5.000
┴lbania 10.000 10.000 10.000
ďurkey 0 10.000 20.000
Total 55.000 65.000 85.000
Exports results within the Balkans and Turkey area.
Leon Gas scheduled new investment is intended to a large containment development connected with the harbour facilities at the area of Pontolivado in Kavala where Leon Gas has already proceeded with the purchase of a 42.000m2 land.

The target of the new investment is the reduction of companyĺs transport cost, the production possibility of batches of various formulae (Propane - Butane) depends on the request and the needs of market and generally the good service of Northern Greece market that is failure.

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