Safety and Environment

LPG is clearly more environmentally beneficial than the liquid fuels. The proclamation adopted by the European Companies Union of LPG Marketing in regards with this issue is below quoted.

The environment and its protection has been gone off to a major matter with political, social and financial complications. The governments have recognised that legislative adjustments are needed for environmental violation minimisation. European Union has made steps on Directives introduction for the protection of the environment.

The liquefied gases coming from petroleum, viz. Propane and Butane, represent extremely clean fuels and their use must be increased in such a depth that the request for air pollution decrease is continuously increased. We are talking about the most clean mineral fuels. Because they are free of all solid relicts, the possibility of apparatus and units designing (with LPG as fuels) is given with high volumetric efficiencies. The undesirable emissions are therefore further decreased

There are various major environmental problems, such as the increase of heat, acid rain, ozone layer`s destruction and atmospheric air quality. The use of LPGs may significantly contribute to all abovementioned problems facing achieving a reduction of implications from emissions because they produce during their combustion much more lower amounts of contaminants.

The LPGs have lower carbon content than the liquid hydrocarbons and solid fuels and therefore they produce less dioxide of carbon (CO2) per unit of produced thermal energy from these fuels. That means that the use of LPGs in such fuels substitution reduced the gases emissions that cause the «greenhouse effect» that causes the increase of our planet`s total heating
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